Emily Harrison

Please select a service to make a booking.

Clarity Call

To connect with Emily about professional collaborations or to meet Emily and discover if she is a good fit to guide you, book a short 15 minute clarity call. Please not all requests for free calls with Emily will be confirmed, only candidates who are a good fit to work 1/1 with Emily.

(15 minutes)

Akashic Mapping Session

Work with Emily 1-on-1 to discover and create a roadmap to your ultimate dream life.

(30 minutes)

Enroll in Mentorship

If you are ready to explore spiritual mentorship that will reveal your Soul’s unique gifts, allow you to break patterns of limitation, and learn how to UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVE GENUIS so you can become a Master in your field, this call will clarify what is possible for you, and share how Emily’s programs will help you create your desired outcomes.

(1 hour)
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